Warrior Cats Clans

We Are Warriors! 


The rules on our website must be followed! They are not meant to annoy or anger you. They are meant to keep the site running smoothly and well. So please follow the rules! If you fail to follow one or more of the site's rules, a staff member will warn you. You will have three warnings and then a punishment will be given out. Based on importance of the rule you broke, a different punishment will be given out. This is the punishment scale:

1. Severe Rule: deleted from the website (Things like stalking, harassment, or threatening)

2. Important Rule: weeklong ban (Bullying, severe cussing, R-rated content)

3. Essential Rule: 1-2 day ban (medium-severe cussing, violent scene details)

4. Less important Rule: Highranks being deleted, warning. (Consistent Spam, rudeness, Chainmail)

  • Respect all site members, especially staff and highranks! Everyone on the site deserves unwavering respect and kindness, so make sure you give it to them! 

  • Be kind! Please do not argue, fight, or disrespect other members. If you disagree about something, solve the problem maturely, or, if needed, with a staff member's help. 

  • Please do not spam any of the Forum areas, especially the leader's den! You have no idea how much work I put into this site, and I want everyone to have lots of fun! 

  • No chain-mail! Those things you see online where it says "Post on other sites!"  Are not allowed here, even on your member profile! 
  • Role-Play correctly! See how to do that in the Guidelines. 

  • Be active! Make sure you're on and role-playing at least twice a week for at least 30 minutes to an hour both times! If this is not possible, please PM Scarlet! 

  • Absolutely NO cussing or inappropriate content! There will be young kids on this website, and I want them to keep their innocence for as long as life allows them! 

  • No in-detail explanations of violence, blood, battles, or wounds. Keep the explanations mild and brief. This is not a fighting video-game!

  • No advertising in unwanted areas! There is one area for advertising, keep your links there! 

  • Please ask for your cat to be added before role-playing! 


Correct Rp: 

Please use () when speaking OOC, and " " when your character is speaking. Always specify the name of the character you're Rp-ing! 

Warriors Names: 

Need help getting a good Warriors name? No problem! Think about the cat you're creating. Even something as simple as the pelt color. Let's say my cat's fur is brown. Instead of using "Brownfur" maybe try something more creative. Is the pelt light or dark brown? If the pelt is light brown, maybe try Hazelfur or Nutpelt. If the pelt is dark brown, you can try Mudpelt of Darkfur. Want to get more creative? Let's start with eye color. Let's say my character has blue eyes. Next, a character trait. Maybe the cat is friendly and loving. Heart would be a good word to represent that. Your cat's name could be Blueheart! If all else fails, try a cat name generator online.

Want to help? 

Is it a boring, dull weekend? Or maybe you're homework-free (I wish I was!) and you're bored. Well, we certainly could use your help! Get out there and tell people about WCC! We are looking to become a more popular website, and you can help us with that!