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Posted by xX|🔥Scarlet🔥|Xx on October 12, 2016 at 10:15 PM

Welcome. . . 

      What's happening with WCC right now? If you couldn't tell, the site's doing great! We are getting tons of new members daily, and they seem to be enjoying the website. As of Oct. 12, 2016, we have 23 members! This is our second week of being online, and the site's doing better than ever! Roleplays are going great, and everyone seems to be fairly active! But why am I telling you all this. . .? Well, as some of you may recall from ads leading you here, we planned to make a plot/prophecy when the site reached 20 members! So, here it is! 

What positions do we need? 

-A medicine cat (The current accepted Med. Cats are Morningsong and Mistygaze. If Empress or Nightingale wants to be the medicine cat in the plot, please PM me) If you want to be the medicine cat, tryout in the blog post below that says "Medicine Cat Tryouts". 

-Two or three main cats in the prophecy. They all have to be roleplayed by different people. 

-An evil rogue group. The group name will be DarkClan. Read below for more info.

What do the prophecy's Clan cats have to have?

-Unique names given by StarClan. Use the prefixes 'Destiny', 'Star', or 'Moon'. Or you may use the Clan's prefixes (Thunder, Wind, River, and Shadow) 

Name examples: Destinyheart, Starfur, Moonflame, Thunderstrike, Windspeed, Riverheart, or Shadowsoul. If you use the Clan prefixes, they must be YOUR CLAN. Example: My cat is from RiverClan. Her name is Riverheart. 

Rogue Group Expectations: 

-Names must be one word and a tiny bit dark, but not too dark! Examples: Night, Claw, Fang. NOT exceptable names: Happy names such as Flower, Sunshine, or Petal. No overly savage names such as Blood, Killer, or Savage. 

What is the Plot? 

A medium-large group of rogues looks to take over the Clan territory. They will first invite Clan cats into their group, and then fight one Clan at a time. Clan leaders must make a plan once they find out about the rogues. 


Darkness is coming to the Clans. You must fight as one, and plan as four. Secrets will surface, and cats will go to the darkness. But listen well, young Medicine Cat. Three rays of light will challenge the darkness. Starpower is inside them. Destiny, Star, and Moon will come together when the time is right and defeat the Night. . . 

Prophecy Meaning: 

 The rogue group, DarkClan, is coming to the Clans. The four Clans must plan seperately but fight together. Some cats have wanted to join the rogue group since they found out about it. Some cats will. The cats, which I have decided will be named Destinyheart, Starclaw, and Moonfur, will kill the all-powerful DarkClan leader: Nightsoul. The only DarkClan member with a Can name! 

Want to be in the prophecy? 

Cat you want to be: 


Why you deserve this: 

Roleplay Sample:

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Reply Rune
11:45 PM on October 12, 2016 
Cat you want to be: Moonfur
Experience: I have several years of experience on various sites and various species.
Why you deserve this: I'm active on the site and would love to play a big part of the story!
Roleplay Sample: PoV is Wavecrash from Riverclan:
"He unconciously flinched when he felt her tail on his back, he was still unused to physical contact. It was something that he needed to get over sooner or later, but with how things were going he was probably going to end up getting over it later. He felt his gut wrench, he needed to tell Ripplemoon that he wasn't really interested in a relationship right now, but with how serious she seemed to be... He groaned internally. Why did he have to flirt back, thinking she'd take it like a joke? Well, maybe going with her wouldn't be THAT bad. He'd just wait it out, maybe she'd eventually lose interest in him. "Mmm... I've been told that, it's a skill of mine. " He winked, and grinned, doing his best to play it cool."
Reply Cloudflame
2:53 PM on October 14, 2016 
Want to be in the prophecy?
Cat you want to be: Destinyheart
Experience: Years of roleplaying over many, many sites and a broad range of species. Beta-tester, roleplay creator, you name it! :D I also came from WCP, although I don`t think we`ve met. *bumpies*
Why you deserve this: Because I really want to take a part in this new site and help it, for lack of a better word, blossom - also I`m active and friendly. And to be honest, are there any hardcore WC fans that haven`t dreamed of being a prophecy?
Roleplay Sample: A hypothetical sample from Destinyheart`s POV :)

Destinyheart`s soft voice chided the kit as the she-cat regained her composure, licking a paw nonchalantly in an attempt to lower her hackles. She let her vole fall to the ground in a puff of dust, with a complacent eye-roll towards her would-be attacker. "Violetkit, you know you can`t go out of camp yet. It isn`t long, now is it?" She smiled and gave the golden she-kit a friendly lick on the head. "All the same," she murmured with a twinkle in her eye and a gentle scolding in her voice, "it`s rude to run so intently into a warrior." She took another bite of her vole, and winked.
Reply ~|: Sparks :|~
9:13 AM on October 15, 2016 
Cat I'd like to be: Moonfur
Experience: I've been roleplaying like the whole summer and have had different experiences from posts big/huge and small
Why you deserve this: I'm active on this site although I haven't exactly had the proper chance to roleplay yet, but I'd love to be in this story
Roleplay exapmle(using Moon):

A soft slender shape creeped out of camp, she checked to see if the moon was covered by clouds- it was that way no one would see her. She needed some time out of camp some time to gather her thoughts, rouges were taking the home she had been raised in. Moonfur was furious she felt like going over there right now and ripping their fur off, if only she could. The she-cat sighed a deep and heavy sigh she couldn't do anything to fight them, not alone anyways- it was mousebrained. The warrior padded over to a small brook running through the territory, she sat down listening to the bubbling sounds it produced. A cricket was chirping somewhere nearby breaking the perfect silence Moonfur had been hoping for, she flicked and ear and bent over to lap up some water. Why would starclan let something so terrible happen is they were so powerful, maybe they weren't as amazing as the medicine cats had said- no they were but something was off at the moment. Moonfur sat there gazing at the quickly running brook, letting time pass with her gaze. When the she-cat saw light reflecting off of the water she shook her head to clear her thoughts, puzzled she looked up and say the first gray light of dawn. Now the warrior understood what had happened, she had been sitting there with her thoughts all night. And the only thought that had survivied was: get help, kill the rouges!!! Quickly stretching Moonfur bolted into camp to get more help, and get her territory back.
Reply xX|🔥Scarlet🔥|Xx
9:39 PM on November 30, 2016 
Accepted cats: Rune as Moonfur and Cloudflame as Destinyheart! Congrats:)