Warrior Cats Clans

We Are Warriors! 

Welcome to the World of Warriors. . . 

Step into the mysterious world of the Warrior Clans!

Warrior Cats Clans

Well, what do we have here? A lost kittypet? Come out, young housecat! I will not hurt you, it's against the Warrior Code.. Well, the Warrior Code is the Code  us Clan cats live by. You probably don't know of the Clans. Mhm. Well, There are four Clans: ThunderClan: The cats of the trees, WindClan: The cats of the open moor,  RiverClan: The cats of the swift river, and ShadowClan: the cats who lurk within the pines. We each live in are separate territories and hunt different prey. We sometimes fight over boundaries, but the Warrior Code protects against un-needed deaths. Sometimes...

    Rouges? where?! I'll get them.... Oh Of course, Rogue groups and savages disturb our peace once in a while, but we mostly have a good life. Leaf-bare sometimes brings starvation with the cold, and droughts and thirst in Green-leaf, but that's not something we can't handle.Oh, young one. Don't think I can't see the hunger for adventure in your eyes. That bird you caught was impressive! Say, would you like to come live with the Clans? You may choose a Clan and train to be a Warrior. I will give you time to decide, but choose wisely! You will never come across this offer again. The chance to become wild is not one to overlook. Choose carefully. . .


Hello, traveler! I'm glad you stumbled upon this site! My name's Scarlet, by the way! I'm the owner of Warrior Cats Clans! I also roleplay the deputy of ThunderClan, Scarletrose! I'm very proud of my creation, and I hope you all love it too! The site was lots of fun to make, and I think it turned out great! But no matter how it turned out, Wolf is always making sure things are perfect!


Wait. . . that wasn't there before! Do you see something on the site and think that? You probably do, because that's what Scarlet thinks all the time! Wolf, wether Scarlet likes it or not, is constantly editing and changing the site. It's amazing what she can do in an hour! One second the site is unorganized and the next, it's great! Wolf, being our first Admin, is always looking for a chance to improve the site! Which can be good and bad. In any condition, Wolf is great!


"Haha! I broke a rule! Nothing you can do about it! Nobody will even know!" Hold it right there! You broke a rule! Warning one! "Ugh! It's like Rune is too dedicated to keeping the site perfect!" That she is! Rune is always making sure everybody follows the site's rules, and is keeping us all organized and proper. Though she is busy making sure everything runs smoothly, Rune can always answer your questions! Generous, kind, and organized, Rune is a great staff member!



Welcome to WCC! I'm Scarlet, the site's owner! I personally created all of the site, with a few edits here and there by Wolf (most of which I have no idea about). But I really love this site, and I hope you all do, too! I was throughly devoted to making this website happen since the thought popped into my mind. I was roleplaying on WCP, and a member was talking about how much work and effort must have been put into the site, and how much they admired it. I thought "Wow! What if I could make a site like that?" And thus WCC was born. Welcome to WCC, the land of Warriors! 

Our first admin, Wolf came to us four days after the site was released, and has been announced as ThunderClan leader. Willing to help, she is kind, generous, and patient. Any needs you or a friend may have, Wolf can help.

Rune was our first moderator! Chosen by Scarlet herself, Rune is kind, helpful, thoughtful, and a great role-player! If you need something answered, Rune is there! Now an Administrator, Rune is being even more helpful than before with her new permissions!

Please make sure to respect the staff! This is our website, and we want the best for it!

Special Thanks To: 

  • Briarpelt, the Owner of WCP! I loved that website, and it inspired me to make my own! 

  • All of my friends on WCP! 

  • Wolf, our first admin!

  • Rune, our first moderator, who is now an Admin!

  • All of the members who have joined this site! Thank you all!

©2016- Please do not copy anything from WCC. Scarlet wants this site to be an original. Please don't copy: Site name, logo, any text on the site, such as the Welcome section on this page. Thank you!

a f f i l i a t i o n

Want to be an affiliate of WCC? No problem! We do have some simple guidelines your site must follow to affiliate with ours, but they are fair and simple. 

Your Site Must: 

  1. Have 10+ Members
  2. Have 8+ Active members
  3. Be PG-PG13 rated
  4. Have a friendly community.
  5. Be a Warriors Roleplay

To Affiliate: 
  1. Before contacting Scarlet about affiliation, post our button on your homepage in a visible area!
  2. PM Scarlet and explain your website, the bases, and your member count. 
  3. If Scarlet accepts your application, send her a link, button, or banner for your site to be posted.

H I G H  R A N K 

Do you want one of the High Ranking positions? Go ahead and PM Scarlet or the WCC News account, and they will tell you what to do from there.

ThunderClan Ranks:
Leader- Timberstar
Deputy- Scarletrose
Medicine Cat- Duskfeather
MCA- Open

WindClan Ranks:
Leader- Open
Deputy- Open
Medicine Cat- Open
MCA- Open

RiverClan Ranks:
Leader- Tidalstar
Deputy- Open
Medicine Cat- Open
MCA- Open

Leader- Smokestar
Deputy- Petalclaw
Medicine Cat- Open
MCA- Open


It is currently Leaf-Bare (Winter)

ThunderClan could be better. The cold weather has driven some prey back into their dens for hibernation. The remaining prey is keeping ThunderClan from starvation. . .But for how long?

WindClan is okay. Their moors are affected by the snow more than the other Clans, but little snow has fallen this season, and WindClan is fortunate and thankful.

RiverClan is normal. The fish in the Lake are swimming more sparsely,  but the Clan is doing fine. They are in trouble as well, though. Dogs care not for scent markers, and they often cross into RiverClan's territory. Train hard, RiverClan! 

ShadowClan is doing better! The thick pine needle covering of their forest keeps out the worst of the snow, and, for once, this Clan may prosper. 

Site News

-Our site is relatively new! Please do not get discouraged by our lack of thousands of members! We need you! Please join the site, or at least help us by spreading the word to your friends! Some advertising is also much-needed! 

- I'm so happy with the site's growth! It's flourishing wonderfully! Thank you all!

-The site is constantly being edited, so make sure to report any spelling, grammar or such mistakes to Scarlet! 

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